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Cosmonauti 2014 - International festival of open rehearsals - 9th edition

CALL for proposals_COSMONAUTI 2014

International festival of open rehearsals
*ninth edition*

8-14 September
Tuscania - Italy

What is Cosmonauti
It is an international touring festival whose goal is the sharing of artistic research. Amongst Cosmonauts you can show and develop works that are underway, you can exchange approaches, techniques and methods and check if it works, you can share freely what you want (ideas, materials, dreams, tangible objects and intangible objects, information). The aim is also to be among artists from across Europe to develop a network of research, artistic and humanvise.

Who are the Cosmonauti
Conventionally a cosmonaut is an astronaut from the Russian Space Agency, or from one of the ex-USSR countries. “Cosmonaut” derives from Russian (kosmonavt) that again derives from greek kosmos (universe) and nautes (navigator). In the USA, “astronaut” is applied to a person that has just started his training, while in Russia one is not a “cosmonaut” till one has completed a space-flight successfully.

The Cosmonauti-founders made their first flights, or maybe just their more significant flights in the Cosmos Theatre, trained with Russian masters and Russian methods – methods invented and developed by Konstantin Stanislavsky, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Maria Knebel, Michael Chekhov, Anatoli Vasilev, Jurij Alschitz, Nicolai Karpov, Vasily Skorik... and the Cosmonautes. They then became more numerous and well-trained Cosmonauts joined also from non-russian masters.
Even from their earliest encounters, however, the cosmonauts have wanted to meet all other NAUTI of the Cosmo Theatre to exchange research results and images from their voyages.

Although the cosmonauts have been trained very hard, although we have passed grueling training sessions by the most demanding methods (emotionally, physically and philosophically) we have managed not to loose a providential self-irony regarding each type of method or school of theater. They do their festival to put themselves back in the game and to pull off what they have learned so far and confront it with the unknown.
2005-2009 Cosmonauti has been hosting almost exclusively theater and performance. Since 2009, however, thanks to the contribution of the dance-company Vera Stasi, dance has joined. From 2012 we also included music and visual arts oriented towards theatre. So the next edition will be open to all those operators, artists who are interested in the specific orientation of Cosmonauti and are active in fields of theater, performance, dance, music.... Finally, all the performing arts.

What is the specific orientation of Cosmonauts
Our aim is to test and develop together on the concept of action, considering it runs through all these arts and using it as a basis on which to link the works produced by different tools and languages.

Venue for Cosmonauti 2014
We are hosted by the Dance Company Vera Stasi in the magic Supercinema, in the historical center of Tuscania, 100 km from Rome. The Supercinema was built in 1928, for over fifty years the beating heart of the city center, closed in the mid 80s for about a decade, then reactivated in 1997 and transformed into a place of creation and event venue for theater, music, dance.
Vera Stasi is a contemporary dance company founded in Rome in 1985 and based in Tuscania since 1997. Directed by Silvana Barbarini, Vera Stasi has been working almost 30 years with visual artists, musicians, theatre directors. Each project opens new areas of exploration. Artistic belief was common in the beginning, and oriented towards a theatre-dance universe. Then, Vera Stasi becoming an author's association, each choreographer has been developing an own research, always in an experimental area. The company has been invited to many italian festivals such as Castiglioncello, Comacchio, Autunno Musicale, Rovereto and has been performing abroad in Spain, Egypt, Senegal, Portugal, Switzerland, USA (Hunter College). Since 1997, Vera Stasi has been working as cultural projects promoter. Since 2012 (after Supercinema was restored), the association directs a space made for projects in residence (with housing possibilities and equipped working space). More info: /

Daily program:
Morning/ Earth-training
10:00-11:15 Training 1
11:30-12:45 Training 2
To test the various methods that prepare the body and mind to work on stage, for directors, actors, dancers, and musicians, open to the audience.
Luna / lunch
13:30 We organize lunch (not freeze-dried!) for artists and audience close to the theater.
Afternoon / Sun, “The burning chair”
15:00-17:00 Cross-fire of questions on the work presented the day before, open to the audience
17:00-18:30 preparations
Evening / Mars & Venus – open rehearsals
18:30-20:00 open rehearsals, “first steps” / more fresh work. Creations in various forms: dialogue, monologue, sketch, etude, work in progress, performance. Any representation may not exceed the maximum duration of 50 minutes.
Luna / dinner
20:30 We organize dinner for artists and audience close to the theater.
Evening / Mars & Venus - open rehearsals
21:30-00:00 open rehearsals, more developed work. Creations in various forms: dialogue, monologue, sketch, etude, work in progress, performance. Any representation may not exceed the maximum duration of 50 minutes. Open to the audience. It 's also planned... a trip to the spa under the Tuscan stars close by!

Lodging and meals
Cosmonauti has organized conventions with apartments and catering facilities which should ensure a very economical cost. We will keep the standards of last years when we paid 15 euros for accommodation and 7-8 euros for each meal.

How to participate at Cosmonauti
Send a request to
The mail must include:
1. short description of the work you want to present
- Open rehearsal, max 50 min (sketch, etude, work in progress, performance....)
- Training, ca. 1h. 15 min
2. Short cv and a foto
3. Tecnical requirements
4. Dates and aiport of your arrival and departure
30 Euro + 10 Euro Vera Stasi-card, payed on arrival

Photos former editions:

Photos Supercinema:

Evento Fb:

COSMONAUTI-team 2014
Alicja Ziolko actress/Norway - artistic program direction
Silvana Barbarini coreographer/Italy - location direction
Federico Favetti trainer/Italy - program and trainer direction
Markus Herlyn director/Germany - trainer direction
Maurizio Lucà actor/Italiy - program and logistics direction

TEL (+47) 90 100 777 / (+39) 333 1274762
SKYPE: alicjaziolko

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